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Wayne Newton – Plastic Surgery?

Monday, October 1st, 2007

While switching channels past Dancing with the Stars, I couldn’t help but notice Wayne Newton‘s odd, odd appearance. What is going on here?

It appears to me that his eyebrows are elevated and don’t move. At all. This is a possible consequence of Botox, which if overly injected can create a “frozen forehead.’ However, while it does smooth the forehead wrinkles, it doesn’t create elevated eyebrows like his. That is a possible consequence of a browlift. He also has very little excess skin of his upper eyelids, a possible result of an upper blepharoplasty. His jawline is also extremely sharp for a 65 year old man. This could be due to a facelift. There are some other things that may be going on here, but I think these are the most obvious. As a plastic surgeon I would recommend that he let the Botox wear off a bit, avoid the sun and tanning, and focus on his great voice, not his dance moves.

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