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Virginia Madsen Admits to Botox and Juvederm

Saturday, May 12th, 2007


Oscar nominated actress Virginia Madsen has admitted to having both Botox and Juvederm injections, according to the latest People Magazine:

Pointing to the bridge between her eyes, the Sideways Oscar nominee, 45, told a New York press luncheon that “over the years” she’s put the wrinkle-erasing product to use in order to deal with her “11″ lines, and “more recently,” she said, she’s also used Juvéderm to correct the creases at the sides of her mouth. “

As I started to talk about it and as it ended up in print there was such an overwhelming response from friends and family, lots and lots of actors, people on the street,” said Madsen, who is the new spokesperson for Allergan, Inc. – the maker of Botox and Juvéderm. “They were surprised that I looked so ‘normal.’ ”

Madsen, whose mother, Elaine Madsen, was at her side, said: “That is how it should be. I don’t have that sort of frozen look that we have talked about.”

She really looks good. There are SO many actors and actresses who have Botox treatments but don’t admit to it (which is just fine) or speak out against it (which is hypocritical). It’s nice to see someone come out of the Botox closet without worry. I wonder how much the company is paying her?

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