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Tawny Kitaen – plastic surgery

Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

Here she goes again… What is going on with Tawny Kitaen? She’s of Whitesnake fame and is on the current season of “the Surreal Life” on VH1. Tawny is quite a bit different than before, and appears to have had a good deal of plastic surgery. Starting from the top, she looks like she’s had a brow lift with Botox, as her forehead is wrinkle-free and doesn’t move. It’s not visible on this “after” photo, but her brows are considerably higher than they used to be. She also appears to have had upper and lower eyelid lifts, which have taken away from the heavier look that her upper eyelids used to have. Her eyes now look more round and small, which can be a consequence of eyelid surgery.
Her cheeks are consistent with cheek implants, causing them to be fuller and rounder than they used to be. I am not a fan of these plastic implants, because they tend to look stiff and make the smile look odd. Instead, I tend to use fat grafting, which is MUCH more realistic-looking and doesn’t have that “stiff” look.
She also appears to have had her lips augmented, likely with restylane or collagen.
It seems that every season of “the Surreal Life” has someone who looks like they’ve had considerable plastic surgery performed (i.e. Chyna and Janice Dickinson), so Tawny fits the bill well. I find this one of those shows which I can’t help but watch on the weekends when they play several episodes back to back…