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Danielle DeLorenzo of Survivor

Monday, May 17th, 2010


I’m currently addicted to two prime time TV shows: LOST and Survivor. As a plastic surgeon, one thing that is always interesting on Survivor is figuring out which of the women have breast implants. It’s usually pretty obvious. As they starve and get thinner and thinner, their breasts stay big and round. One good example is Danielle DeLorenzo, a “Villian” who played a prominent role this season. To me, her breast implants were obvious, and even exhibited some visible rippling. If I had to guess:

34 D
Mentor Smooth Round Saline, 375 cc implants filled to 425 cc.

Just a guess. I was rooting for Parvati to win.

Click here to view streaming video of a local news segment I did on breast augmentation.

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Survivor and Breast Implants

Monday, April 3rd, 2006


The television show “Survivor” always seems to have a female contestant who reveals that she has breast implants. Although it is not always obvious at the beginning, after several weeks of near starvation, all the body parts get smaller except the round breasts. I wrote about this phenomenon last month. I am enjoying watching this season’s “Survivor: Exile Island,” although my favorite contestants are all getting voted off! That leaves people like Danielle (above) vying for the one million dollar prize. She appears to be the contestant this time who has implants, although they do appear to be a better job than most of the others. I’m rooting for Austin to win, although it looks like it may end up being that tool Shane.


Survivor and bad breast augmentation

Friday, February 17th, 2006

Almost every season there is a Survivor contestant who has breast implants. Initially it is often difficult to tell if a certain person’s breasts are fake or not, but after the contestant gets deep into the competition and invariably loses a considerable amount of weight, the implants begin to obviously show. Some breasts begin to show ripples from the saline implants, while others just remain large as the contestant’s body whittles away to skin, bone, and implants. The show “Survivor” appears to have a thinly veiled strategy of placing young, attractive people in hot, humid climates such as Panama or Marquesas. I suppose will get better ratings than placing old, unattractive people in the middle of Iowa. By the way, my favorite of the above contestants is Erin, who was in the show several seasons ago (the last one above with the brown bikini).