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Deranged Man Undergoes Plastic Surgery To Look Like Superman

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Here’s a good one: Herbert Chavez, a 35 year old Filipino man, has undergone multiple plastic surgeries in an attempt to look like his idol Superman.  According to the Daily Mail, the psychiatrist-diagnosed BDD sufferer has undergone the following surgeries:

  • - Chin augmentation to give him Superman’s  iconic cleft;
  • - Rhinoplasty to transform his Asian nose into one more closely resembling Superman actor Christopher Reeves;
  • - Silicone injections to his lips to make them  fuller and thicker;
  • - And thigh implants to make his legs appear more muscular.
  • We’ve talked about people undergoing plastic surgery to look like their favorite celebrity, but their favorite cartoon character?  CRAZY!  I’d love to see someone with an obsession for Sponge Bob try to look like him.
  • I’d also like to give Mr. Chavez a word of advice: When wearing your Superman costume, you’ve forgotten one thing: Stuff a sock into your pants.  You’re too small and saggy down there!

    To read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2046303/Superman-fan-cosmetic-surgery-Herbert-Chavez-ops-look-like-hero.html#ixzz1aPsrFOTv