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Smokey Robinson – plastic surgery

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007


I was watching the Grammy Awards last night and found Smokey Robinson’s appearance somewhat frightening. He looks nothing like he used to. He appears to have had a browlift which has pulled his brows way too high, giving him a permanently surprised look. With my HDTV I swear I could almost see the scars of his probable blepharoplasty surgeries as well. When you compare his face now to the one before, you can see that his face is much thinner and has very little loose skin. This is very unusual for a 67 year old man, and is a sign of a likely facelift.

I believe that Smokey is the classic case of each plastic surgery procedure being successful in doing what it’s supposed to (browlift lifts the brow, facelift removes loose skin, etc.), but these parts adding up to an overall whole which looks unnatural, or done. The job of a good plastic surgeon is to put these parts together appropriately, so that a person does not look odd.

He’s such an amazing singer; hopefully he will stay away from the knife from now on. I know what you are thinking, dear blog reader: “I second that emotion!” ;)

photo credit: photorazzi.com

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