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Sammy Sosa – Getting Lighter and Lighter

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

By now you may have seen photos of Sammy Sosa with his altered skin color. The photos above are taken 6 months apart, with the first photo being the most recent. What is he doing to his skin?
According to a source he has been doing a “rejuvenation process” on his skin and was “surprised” it came out so light. It appears that he has had one (or both) of two things: he has been using skin lighteners like hydroquinone and/or he has undergone aggressive chemical peels or laser treatments. Both the lightener creams and peels/lasers can create changes in the melanin of the skin resulting in a lighter color. In caucasians this is usually modest, however in people with darker skin (like Sammy) it can be pretty startling. With time his skin may recover some of the lost color. However, if he has had a major invasive treatment, it may not.
He looks ghostly.
Photo credit: In Your Face blog
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