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Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Rihanna has obviously been in the news a lot lately, regarding her assault and relationship issues. I’ve been asked by numerous media outlets to comment on her injuries, but there really isn’t that much to say. I’m not surprised she looks as good as she does, just weeks after her injuries.

I’ve seen quite a few people in the Emergency Room over the years who have been assaulted, and quite often their initial appearance is dramatic. During the first few days after major facial injuries the victim can look extremely swollen, bruised, and even unrecognizable. Within 1-2 weeks, however, the majority of the swelling and bruising usually subsides and the person begins to look like their regular self again. Virtually all the bruising and swelling is gone within 3-4 weeks, unless the person suffered actual broken bones, which can necessitate plastic surgery to correct. I bet the next time you see Rihanna without sunglasses she’s going to look just like she did before. Hopefully this won’t happen to her again.

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Maxim Magazine Hot 100 of 2007

Monday, May 21st, 2007

Maxim Magazine has unveiled their Hot 100 for 2007. Here are the top ten, and the “have they or haven’t they regarding plastic surgery” (my opinions, of course):

10: Fergie – Rhinoplasty and possible endoscopic browlift. See previous post.

9: Eva Longoria – People seem to either love her or hate her. I think she is gorgeous. No obvious plastic surgery that I can see. Possibly some Restylane in her lips?

8: Rihanna – Doubt it. Too young.

7: Eva Mendes – Nothing obvious. She has come out against plastic surgery. See link.

6. Ali Larter – Not obvious. She has thin lips which don’t look unnaturally augmented. Maybe some Botox in her forehead?

5. Jessica Biel – Her lips do appear to be augmented. Possibly with a permanent implant? See link.

4. Christina Aguilera – I’m a big fan of hers. She does appear to have had a breast augmentation and possible rhinoplasty, but who cares? She looks great and has a fantastic voice.

3. Scarlett Johansson – She has come out as being someone who would consider plastic surgery. See link. I like her. Her lips appear to be natural.

2. Jessica Alba – Hard to say. I think she may still be all natural.
1. Lindsay Lohan – She’s number one? Ay caramba. She appears to have had her lips augmented on more than one occasion, and a breast augmentation seems likely given her recent rapid size enlargement. I’ve posted on her a couple times. See link.

What do you all think?

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