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Pam Anderson Is Still Looking Good!

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Reports of the demise of her looks are premature.  Over the past year or two, many blogs have posted photos of Pam Anderson which show her looking tired and aged.

This photo of Pam Anderson was taken yesterday, and you can see that she looks great!  It’s amazing what some good makeup, nice hair, and a possibly a touch of plastic surgery can do.  Although she’s no longer the Baywatch babe of the 90′s, Pam can still rock a red carpet.

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Pam Anderson – No to Botox but Yes to Juvederm?

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Here is a photograph of Pam Anderson during a recent press tour in Australia to promote her new reality show on E!. As you can see, there is no sign of any Botox in her forehead, but her lips look pretty plump, possibly due to Juvederm injections. The cupid’s bow of her upper lip looks obliterated, which can happen when a good amount of injectable filler is placed there. This is one of the few photos that I’ve seen where Pam looks all of her 41 years. Maybe the jet lag hasn’t been kind. I always look (and feel) like hell after a long plane flight.

Juvederm lasts around 6-12 months, and I find it works very well in the lips when injected conservatively.

Photo credit: dlisted.com

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Pam Anderson – Breast Implant Craze Down Under

Monday, March 26th, 2007

According to Make Me Heal.com, busty celebrities like Pamela Anderson have sparked a trend among Australian women to get massive breast implants, like the famous actress. The article states:

…This trend has led to Australian plastic surgeons needing to import mega-size 1000ml implants from the only available country for such sized implants, the United States…The average implant size for Coast surgery, an Australia based plastic surgery practice, has increased from 280ml to 375ml in the last five years. Moreover, models already accessorized with 400ml implants have been looking to double their size.
“In the last four to six months I’ve noticed a rapid increase in size. The trend for women having breast augmentation is to go large. Our patients believe bigger is better,” says Pamela Noon from the International Surgery Group.

It is true that the size of implants has gone up over the years. Most of the implants which I have removed from 15-20 years ago are smaller (225-270cc’s) than my average implant size today (350 cc’s). While I do agree that most women who have breast augmentation and regret their size choice would have rather gone larger, there are considerable risks with larger sized implants. I tell my patients, “The bigger it is, the faster it will fall.”

When women have extremely large implants placed, this can unnaturally accelerate the drooping of a breast. Most reputable, board-certified plastic surgeons explain this to patients who desire large implants.

By the way, I have never seen a 1000 cc implant. The biggest size that the implant companies routinely make is 800cc. The largest that I have placed for a cosmetic breast augmentation is about 525 cc, and this was only once.

Photo credit: photorazzi.com

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Pam Anderson – plastic surgery

Sunday, November 19th, 2006



Has Pam Anderson had a lot of plastic surgery on her face? I’m not seeing as much as some might expect. Pam should be measured on a scale different from most everyone else. Her over-the-top persona as an unattainable sexpot matches her appearance, hence the full lips, large breasts, and long blonde hair. Aside from the obvious lip enhancement, skin care (including lasers and chemical peels), and possible Botox and Restylane injections (which half of Hollywood has anyways), Pam doesn’t show any obvious facial plastic surgery. She may have had some fat grafting to enhance the fullness of her cheeks, or this could be due to regular Restylane injections.

I don’t have a lot of “before” photos to analyze except the one above, however. If anyone has other ideas, I’d be interested to hear them.

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Anthony Youn, M.D.


Pamela Anderson – Breast Implants and Plastic Surgery

Sunday, February 12th, 2006

Pamela Anderson’s breasts have become a large part of her career. I have been interviewed by numerous media sources regarding the status of her breasts, most recently by Life and Style Weekly. Pam Anderson started out way back when with breasts likely in the C-cup range. While making it big on “Baywatch,” her breasts increased in size along with her career to most likely DD range. In 1999, she had the implants removed and replaced with smaller ones, bringing her closer to a D. These smaller implants were then exchanged for larger ones soon thereafter. She currently appears to retain these larger DD implants, which after viewing several photos are likely in the 500-550 cc range, and possibly larger.
Why did Pamela return to the larger implants after decreasing in size? I have two thoughts on this.
First, Pamela’s image is all about excess. She is the only mainstream Hollywood actress who has a porn star’s body. She has tattoos, large augmented lips, massive breasts, and flowing blond hair. Her image is over the top, and carries through to most parts of her public life. Her boyfriends are “dangerous” rockers such as Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. She even released an erotica novel at a similar time as Jenna Jameson, the porn star who is on the verge of mainstream but never quite gets there, unlike Pam. It is possible that her breasts are essential to her image and career, like Angelina Jolie’s lips, Cindy Crawford’s mole, and Fergie’s hump and bumps.
The second thought comes strictly from a plastic surgery standpoint. The changes a breast implant makes on a breast’s skin is, for the most part, irreversible. It is possible that the larger implants stretched her breast skin to the point where the smaller implants did not fill them up very well, resulting in droopy breasts. The only ways to treat this are to perform a breast lift (which creates scars on the breast) or to replace the implants with larger ones to fill the breast skin better. I could not see Pamela undergoing a breast lift, because she would no longer want to be filmed topless, as these scars are usually very visible for a year or two. Therefore, it is likely she just had them replaced with what she had before.
Although most women I see are not interested in getting breasts her size, I do believe they work well for her.
>To view a video of a breast augmentation I performed for Fox News, click here.