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NeNe Obsessed With Plastic Surgery?

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice star NeNe Leakes’ friends are concerned that she is becoming obsessed with plastic surgery.  According to Popeater.com:

A source is quoted saying, “NeNe is determined to have a flatter tummy, and she intends to have more liposuction done so she looks her very best this summer.”
Friends of the reality diva are worried for her, according to the source. “Her friends are worried that she has become too obsessed with plastic surgery and have warned her about the dangers, but she just wants to be the best image of herself that she can be. She intends to have the procedure done sooner rather than later.
The truth is that despite being loud and overconfident in public, NeNe has some issues regarding her self-image. She has always wanted to be famous, and now that she is those insecurities have been heightened for her to look perfect.”

Apparently she has already undergone a rhinoplasty (see before-and-after photos here), liposuction, veneers, and a breast reduction.

So when has a person had too much plastic surgery?  The line can be blurry.  One rule that I try to follow is: When you have plastic surgery to look different, but not necessarily better, then you are going too far.


NeNe Reveals Her New Plastic Surgery Results

Monday, October 25th, 2010

NeNe from the Real Housewives of Atlanta has revealed to People Magazine that she underwent a rhinoplasty, breast implant downsizing with lift, and liposuction of the waist back in April.  Her before and after photos are to the left.

I don’t know this person from anybody, but her results do look good.  Her nose is just a bit more refined and looks elegant.  I can’t tell any difference in her figure due to the clothes she’s wearing.

Ethnic rhinoplasty can be a very difficult procedure.  In fact, I don’t do them anymore.  Kudos to her doc.