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LaToya Jackson – Plastic Surgery

Saturday, January 13th, 2007


Latoya Jackson is currently one of the stars of CBS’s Armed and Famous, where a number of D-list celebs join real-life police officers on the job. She is really looking like a female version of her brother Michael. Why does her nose look so bad?

It appears to have been overly thinned (as if I need to tell you this). Nostrils can take an unnatural shape like she has when an aggressive alar resection is performed. This is a procedure where the bottoms of the nostrils are cut out to make the nostrils smaller and the nose thinner. It can create an appearance where the nostrils appear pasted onto the face. Thinning the nose by removing too much cartilage can make the nasal tip appear pinched. This can be accentuated by using stitches as well.

Photo source: fourfour.typepad.com

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