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Kristen Stewart – Breast Implants?

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Did Twilight star Kristen Stewart undergo a breast augmentation last month?  Photos are circulating in magazines and the internet that she has new breast implants.  You can read my analysis and see the B&A photos in Star Magazine and Hollywood Life.com HERE.  The photo posted here was taken at the beginning of June, 2012.  Therefore, if she did undergo a breast augmentation, it occurred very recently.  She was quite flat-chested last month.

Women have been using padded bras ever since the beginning of the 19th Century.  It’s possible that the subtle enhancement in Kristen’s bust size is due to a couple of strategically placed socks.  Or it could be that she had breast enhancement surgery.  Either way, the surgery unfortunately hasn’t removed the constipated look she often seems to have on her face.

Photo credit: prphotos.com