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Kimberly Stewart – Rhinoplasty?

Friday, October 12th, 2007


Cityrag.com revealed this very convincing before and after photo set of Kimberly Stewart’s possible rhinoplasty. If she has indeed had the surgery (which looks like it to me), the surgery was a success. I always say that a good rhinoplasty de-emphasizes the nose and allows other, more attractive parts of the face to be more noticeable. This looks to be a great example of that.

It also helps that her hideous ‘Mo’ / Bowlcut was restyled…

Photo/story credit: cityrag.com

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Kimberly Stewart – plastic surgery

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

In Touch Magazine is reporting that Kimberly Stewart appears to have had her breast implants removed. I seem to remember her having them removed some time before??


Kimberly Stewart – plastic surgery

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006


It looks like Kimberly Stewart has gotten some surgery lately. Those look like high profile D-cup implants, likely on top of the muscle. It’s difficult to get that high chested, round beach ball look without placing them on top of the muscle, since the muscle gets in the way of moving them up on the chest. Women who get large implants and are very thin also have very unnatural results. She would be better off with C-cup, under the muscle, moderate profile implants. Many of these can be seen on my website photo gallery:

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