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Kelly Clarkson and Weight

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Singer Kelly Clarkson has been in the news lately for her recently cancelled summer concert tour. She has also recently admitted to Cosmogirl magazine that as a high schooler she unfortunately battled bulimia.

Patients often ask me what weight they should be before having plastic surgery. I usually answer that when their weight is stable, that is the time to consider plastic surgery. While some physicians may disagree with me, I do not believe that everyone is made to weigh their ‘ideal body weight.’ I believe in a life of moderation: exercising a few days a week (not every day of the week) and eating healthy but also enjoying bad food every once in a while. It does no good for someone to go on a crash diet, lose 40-50 lbs, have plastic surgery, and then gain the weight back because they couldn’t stay on that crash diet for long. I believe that surgery is best done when your weight is stable, you’re off cigarettes, and you feel and are healthy.

So where does that leave Kelly Clarkson? I don’t think she wants or needs plastic surgery, but she looks healthy and happy to me. Plus, she can really sing.

photo credit: photorazzi.com

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