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Charlie’s Angels at the Emmys

Monday, August 28th, 2006


I got a chance to watch the Emmy Awards last night. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but am hooked on a few reality shows, in addition to Scrubs and Lost. Therefore, I wasn’t much into the awards last night. What did catch my attention, however, was the reunion of Charlie’s Angels. Wow. Back in the day, I thought Farrah was gorgeous. Now, the three of them appear to be examples of both good and bad plastic surgery.

I think that Jaclyn Smith (60 years old) looks fantastic. She looks like an older Katherine McPhee. Although I haven’t seen her (or a photo of her) in a few years, it appears that she’s had a facelift with fat grafting (my specialty – the Volumetric Facelift). That’s why I think her face looks the “softest” of the three. Her skin is tight, but not too tight (see Kate Jackson) and she doesn’t have the gauntness of Farrah.

I’ve always said that good plastic surgery is so good that you can’t tell it’s been done. She doesn’t have any of the telltale signs of plastic surgery that I could see last night, except that her age gives her away. In my opinion, that’s good work.

Photo and story credit: perezhilton.com