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Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Some quick links if you are interested…

  1. The OC Register polls dermatologists and plastic surgeons on their thoughts regarding Priscilla Presley. One of them actually stated, “I would recommend that she looks fabulous now and that she does not need to have any more work done.” Huh?? What’s he smoking? Click here.
  2. Juliette Binoche sees "fear" in the faces of women who have Botox. I had ‘fear’ in my eyes when a "Dan in Real Life" DVD (which she starred in) showed up via Netflix, but it was actually a nice little movie. Click here.
  3. Dr. Rob Oliver comments on Accolate and Singulair for breast implant capsular contractures. I’ve been using this for years, with some benefit. We don’t have a lot else to try for patients with capsular contracture short of surgery. Click here.
  4. The Evolution of Emilio Estevez, on Awful Plastic Surgery. This Young Gun is no longer Billy the Kid, but more Billy the middle-aged man. Click here.

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