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Julianne Moore : Plastic Surgery = Chinese Foot Binding?

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

According to actress Julianne Moore, she likens plastic surgery to Chinese Foot Binding. According to People.com she states:

“The analogy I use is ancient Chinese feet-binding,” Moore reveals in the December issue of the U.K.’s Tatler. “At what point did they decide that small feet were more beautiful? People started making them smaller and smaller until they were stumps and not beautiful at all.”

So will the 47-year-old actress refuse to go under the knife – ever? She may be idealistic, but Moore won’t go that far. She admits, “Never say never.”

I think the Chinese foot binding analogy goes a bit far. Much of plastic surgery is meant to restore the body to a previous state or remove excess skin that can become both a cosmetic and functional problem, such as tummy tucks and thigh lifts. The aim of good plastic surgery is a natural rejuvenation, not abnormal deformation like in Chinese foot binding. Maybe Julianne should stop being a moral compass and get back to acting…

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