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John Goodman – Major Weight Loss- Gastric Bypass or Lap Band Surgery?

Thursday, June 17th, 2010


This photo from Celebrity Smack! shows a slim and trim John Goodman. It looks like he’s lost a good fifty pounds or more. Could it be Weight Watchers? Jenny Craig? Gastric Bypass? Lap band surgery? Large volume liposuction?

I doubt he’s had any liposuction, but it’s definitely possible he’s had bariatric surgery. Even the more invasive procedures (like gastric bypass) can now be done with smaller incisions and less risk than ten years ago. Unfortunately, even with over 95% of the stomach removed, some people can still eat through it and gain their weight back (see example of Carnie Wilson here).

I occasionally refer patients for gastric lap band surgery when they are too overweight for liposuction. It’s always a difficult to tell a patient that she isn’t a good candidate for plastic surgery because she’s too big without hurting her feelings. It’s always harder to say ‘no’ to a patient than ‘yes!’

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