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Janice Dickinson Declares Bankrupcy And Claims, “I Live For Plastic Surgery”

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

The ”original supermodel” Janice Dickinson has recently given an interview to In Touch Weekly about declaring bankruptcy, being $1 million in debt, and her enthusiasm for plastic surgery.  From the In Touch Weekly website:

The former and now bankrupt America’s Next Top Model judge sits down with In Touch and dishes about going broke, planning her comeback — and the only surgical procedure she won’t consider — “butt implants!”

Despite recently declaring bankruptcy — a chunk of that stemming from “press whore doctors that offered to give me Botox and fix my teeth for free and then slapped me with bills” — Janice says she can’t recall exactly how much she’s spent on surgeries to date. “I don’t remember — all my ex-husbands paid for them!” she confesses to In Touch.

And although Janice admits to her first and only breast augmentation when she was 32 or “in the Jurassic era,” as she refers to her youth, she says her surgery list is short compared to other woman in Hollywood. “I had a tummy tuck and face-lift and currently do Botox and Restylane,” she reveals to In Touch, on newsstands now.

The rest of her face is hands-off! “I don’t get anything in my cheeks. I have perfect bone structure,” the buxom brunette tells the mag, adding, “My lips are mine!”

So she claims that her doctors performed the procedures for free, then billed her afterwards?  If true, that’s a strange practice.  The only time I bill patients afterwards is if insurance is involved, and they owe for copays or deductibles.

You’ve gotta admit that Janice is pretty hilarious and outrageous.  Hopefully she gets back on her feet again soon.

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Celebrity Plastic Surgery on ABC: Did You Watch It?

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

So did any of you watch the ABC Primetime special Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Gone Too Far the other night?  I saw nearly all of it.  Very nicely done special.  A couple thoughts:

1. They presented three celebrities who’ve had plastic surgery: Heidi Montag, Pete Burns, and Janice Dickinson.  These are not, in my opinion, representative of 99% of the plastic surgery that goes on in Hollywood or around the country.  Heidi is a troubled fame junkie, Pete Burns is an obscure English 80′s pop star, and Janice is… well… Janice.  The vast majority of celebrity plastic surgery is performed tastefully on people who benefit from it (see Kelly Rowland, Drew Barrymore, Ashlee Simpson, Patricia Heaton, etc.).

2. They showed two examples of corrective plastic surgery from one of my old friends, Dr. Richard Ellenbogen.  You may recognize him from Dr. 90210′s first season as the doctor who made me an offer I couldn’t refuse… and refused it.  There is a growing epidemic of terrible plastic surgery results, in large part due to the increasing number of phony plastic surgeons.  Just the other day two out of three surgeries I performed were to correct bad results from non-plastic surgeons.   We real plastic surgeons are not doing our part to educate the public on the dangers of choosing a surgeon who is not certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

3. They showed two teenagers who underwent cosmetic surgery, one a rhinoplasty and another a breast augmentation.  I didn’t catch their exact ages, but the segment was a bit alarming.  I do not agree with cosmetic plastic surgery on teens except in cases of birth deformities.  I do not know Dr. Franklin Rose except that he was featured in Youth Knows No Pain, an HBO documentary which I made a cameo in as well.


Is something wrong with Janice Dickinson?

Monday, July 28th, 2008

The Drunken Stepfather blog (NSFW) showed a photo of Janice Dickinson with a crooked mouth. While this is most likely just the expression she was making, it also resembles the appearance of a person who suffered a nerve injury during a facelift or liposuction of the jawline. In these situations, the nerve that causes the lip to pull down can become damaged, creating a crooked smile or frown. In 99% of cases this spontaneously resolves, usually within a few months, but can be permanent in extremely rare cases. This type of nerve injury is one of the most dreaded complications of a facelift. (Knock on wood) I’ve never seen one that was permanent, and am always vigilant to do everything I can to avoid it.

Hopefully, for Janice’s and her surgeon’s sake she’s just looking silly for the paparazzi…

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Michigan-based Plastic Surgeon

Anthony Youn, M.D.


Janice Dickinson Admits Plastic Surgery “Addiction”

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Supermodel Janice Dickinson has gone on record admitting a plastic surgery “addiction.” According to Starpulse.com, she has had approximately $100,000 in plastic surgery and has stated:

“Believe me, I’m a 900-year-old dinosaur and without 14 inches of make-up and 32 pounds of fake weave I wouldn’t look the way I do. I want to be the best-looking corpse there is.

I’m honest about it; I haven’t got a problem with it. I borrow bits from everyone. Every six months I fly to Dallas to get Botox and I also get collagen injections.

I’m addicted to cosmetic surgery.”

That’s not healthy.

Click this link for my previous post on the “first Supermodel.”

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Michigan-based Plastic Surgeon

Anthony Youn, M.D.


Janice Dickinson Has Had More Plastic Surgery

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

It’s been recently reported that “The First Supermodel” Janice Dickinson has had some more plastic surgery. While she has admitted to having various other plastic surgeries such as breast augmentation, browlift, botox, and blepharoplasty (check out that alliteration!), apparently she’s recently undergone a tummy tuck and mini neck lift.

She never looked to me like she needed those surgeries. I probably would have turned her down for everything except a psychiatry referral…

Story credit: dailyblabber.com

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Michigan-based Plastic Surgeon

Anthony Youn, M.D.


Janice Dickinson – plastic surgery

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

Janice Dickinson was recently filmed while getting Botox injections to her forehead. The bumps you see go away within a couple hours as the swelling dissipates.

Botox injections are now the most common cosmetic procedure performed in the US, both surgical or nonsurgical. It’s far more common than chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or any surgery. The reason why it is so popular is because it’s nearly painless to have done and causes dramatic visible results within a matter of days. In my opinion, Botox is a better bang-for-your-buck than virtually any other cosmetic treatment. It is great for smoothing the wrinkles of the forehead, between the eyebrows, and the crow’s feet outside the eyes. It can also be injected to decrease sweating in the palms or armpits, and decrease the width of the jaw. The company that makes Botox (Allergan) is so successful off this one product that they recently purchased a company (Inamed) which is one of the two remaining breast implant companies in the US.

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Janice Dickinson – plastic surgery!

Friday, May 12th, 2006

Here are the shocking photos of Janice Dickinson from last week’s National Enquirer as written by Ms. Robin Mizrahi. Click the image for a full size view and to read my expert comments on her terrible-looking lips.


Janice Dickinson – plastic surgery

Saturday, May 6th, 2006

Janice Dickinson has some pretty shocking lips! Ms. Robin Mizrahi from The National Enquirer asked me and two other prominent plastic surgeons to examine the latest photos of supermodel Janice Dickinson. Check out this week’s May 15th issue of the Enquirer to see who they claim to be “Hollywood’s Worst Plastic Surgery Ever.” She appears to have had major augmentation to her lips, making them look “like a trout.” (I can’t believe they actually quoted me on that!) In my opinion, the only way to get lips that big and stiff-looking is through an implant. The most common implants that I see are made of Gore-tex, which I have in my winter jacket. Because they are not a patient’s own tissue (like fat) or absorbable liquid (like collagen or Restylane), they often do not look as realistic, and can make the lips look more stiff than typical lips. This is most apparent when a person speaks or smiles. Although I believe Janice has had some very nice work done (such as her brows), this recent “addition” takes the cake. Like my good friend Dr. Steven Svehlak commented, “I would not want to advertise this result as an example of my work.” Well said.