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Hilary Swank – Breast Implants?

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Did Hilary Swank have a recent breast augmentation? It’s definitely possible, but not a definite certainty in my opinion. I was recently interviewed about her busty figure by Make Me Heal.com News:

Plastic surgeon Anthony Youn recently told Make Me Heal that he believes Hilary Swank may have had breast implants following her breakup with Chad Lowe. “After her much-publicized breakup with husband Chad Lowe, Hillary Swank appears to have gotten a breast augmentation,” says Youn. “People who have recently ended a long-term relationship quite often undergo plastic surgery. For many of them, it symbolizes a new beginning, or a transformation into a new person.” Youn adds caution, saying that “For others, it may be an unfortunate attempt to gain attention in order to “woo” the person back.” While we don’t think that Swank thought twice about going back to the Chad Lowe, we can think of other stars who on the “rebound” decided to pick up a set of new boobs. “Either way, plastic surgery is something that must be taken seriously, as it is not the same as getting a new hairstyle,” says Youn.

Whether or not she’s had her breasts augmented, she remains an actor to be watched. I thought she was fantastic in Million Dollar Baby, but admittedly I haven’t seen Boys Don’t Cry.

Story and photo credit: MakeMeHeal.com

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