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Just When You Thought She Was Gone… Heidi Montag’s Final Words On Plastic Surgery

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Heidi Montag.  Last time I posted on her, she came clean about all the lies she told in order to get publicity and attention.  Now she’s given an interview to Celebuzz.com about many issues, including her plastic surgery.  Here’s an excerpt:

The plastic surgery experience — which marked the descent of Montag from the public eye — was obviously a painful one for the former reality starlet.

“I feel really thankful that it all came out so well — it could have been really disastrous,” Montag said.

“I lived and I learned — and I wouldn’t really recommend it for other people. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be going through it — physically, mentally, emotionally, recovering. But, I’m just glad it’s done and that everything healed so well.”

Montag now says she is on her doctor’s timetable for a full recovery.

“My doctor originally told me it would take two years, so it’s finally settling in now. It feels really good to be healthy and strong,” she added.

“There are basic problems. I use a lot of creams and stuff on any residue scars. But, they’re almost gone now.”

Now that her healing is done — Montag intends to dig out the bikini she has been hiding for months.

“I actually haven’t been in a bikini in about a year, but I’m going to soon and I’m really excited,” she told Celebuzz.

“After my surgery, I stopped working out and now I’m getting back into it I feel the best ever. I feel really healthy and strong and like I’m gonna be the healthiest and fittest. I feel really good.”

She actually sounds pretty reasonable.  Studies show it can take a year or two for scars to completely mature and fade, so the timetable Dr. Frank Ryan gave her is pretty realistic.  I just hope we never see her face again!

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Heidi and Spencer Come Clean… Maybe?

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

They’re back!!!  The whoriest of fame whores, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, gave a very revealing interview to the Daily Beast about their previous multiple lies, what really went down on The Hills, Heidi’s plastic surgery, and their fall from grace (if they ever really had it).  If they are telling the truth (and that’s a big IF), it’s a fascinating insight into the fall of two of the biggest fame seekers ever. 

You can read the article here.

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Heidi Montag Is Done With Plastic Surgery

Friday, May 13th, 2011

In a recent interview with US Magazine, Heidi Montag claims she is done having plastic surgery.  Good!  Plastic surgery is done with you, too!

According to the article:

“Obviously when I get a little older, I’ll take it from there, but for this moment, I don’t want anything to do with plastic surgery!” Montag told Us Weekly Wednesday at the Lemon Basket opening in West Hollywood.  

So the girl who famously got nose, cheekbone and chin jobs, an eyebrow lift, breast enlargement and fat injections is really done with plastic surgery? “Definitely — for now.”

That’s great.  She shouldn’t have anything more done except maybe a psychiatric evaluation. 

For more on crazy people who have plastic surgery, check out my plastic surgeon tell-all, In Stitches, available on Amazon.com here.


Best and Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery of 2010

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

2010 is a distant memory, but the celebs who’ve benefitted and suffered from plastic surgery are here to stay.  Here is a list of Dr. Youn’s Best and Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries of 2010:


5. Alexa Ray Joel – Rhinoplasty – Subtle, but nicely done.  Alexa admitted the surgery to People Magazine, stating, “I was thinking about getting this for years. It’s always bothered me a little bit. I was self-conscious of pictures taken from the side.”  Check out Alexa’s before and after photos here.

4. Lisa Rinna – Lip reduction – Good for her!  Lisa’s famous trout-pout was downsized earlier this year as she underwent lip reduction surgery. Her lips now have ‘normal’ proportions and look great.   Although my peeps tell me she may have had some minor complications, everything looks great.  Nice job by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher.  Check out Lisa’s new lips here.

3. Jane FondaFacelift, lower blepharoplasty - Ten years after saying she would not have plastic surgery, Jane decided to go under the knife. In her blog, she admitted, “I just had some ‘work’ done on my chin and neck and had the bags taken away from under my eyes…” After surgery photos reveal a youthful look without appearing pulled or tight.  Check out Jane’s new face here.

2. Kate Hudson - Breast augmentation (unverified) – Kate appears to have had a conservative breast augmentation this year, likely going from a AA to a nice B.   Even better, she didn’t get back together with that creepy Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes.  Check out Kate’s new acquisitions here.

and the number one Best Plastic Surgery of 2010 is….

1. Julie BowenBreast Augmentation (unverified) – The star of my favorite program on TV (Modern Family) and one of my all-time favorite shows (ED) looks fantastic.  Julie’s breasts fit her body well and are not excessively large, therefore look fairly natural.  Check out Julie’s cleavage here.

And now, my Three Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries of 2010:


3. Heidi Montag – Ten plastic surgeries in one day – Too much has been said about her already, so I’ll make it brief: Too Much, Too Young.  A sad epilogue to her plastic surgery adventure is the untimely death of her plastic surgeon followed by her subsequent trashing of him on national TV.  Can you say, “No Class?”  Check out all my other posts on Heidi and her surgery here.

2. Lindsay Lohan – Lip enhancement (unverified) -  Between court appearances and rehab Lindsay apparently found time to visit a plastic surgeon to plump her lips to unnatural proportions.  Freaky Friday, indeed!  Check out Lindsay’s lips here.

and the absolute worst plastic surgery of 2011….

1. Octomom Nadya SulemanTummy tuck (unverified) – This nitwit thinks she can fool us by denying she’s had a tummy tuck after having a massively stretched out abdomen from octuplets!  Her tummy is now flat as a board.  It’s literally flat like a wooden board, with absolutely no definition, loose skin, or contours.  Plus,  her belly button looks like her surgeon either created it herself or inset it as a vertical slit.   This is a telltale sign of a tummy tuck.  Hopefully in 2011 obscurity will welcome back the Octomom with open arms.  Check out Octomom tummy photos here.

Thanks for reading my blog in 2010!  I wonder what 2011 has in store?  Maybe an A-lister will cop to a facelift?  Maybe Nicole Kidman will finally admit to having Botox?  Or possibly there will be a crazy reality show that combines Bridezilla with Survivor with Extreme Makeover?  Oh yeah, that’s already happened…

For the ultimate plastic surgery tell-all, check out Dr. Youn’s critically acclaimed memoir about plastic surgery, In Stitches! It includes a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon using leeches to salvage a woman’s nipples, massive man-boobs, and even reconstructing a face mauled by a raccoon. Dr. 90210 Robert Rey: “I highly recommend it!” The Doctors Dr. Drew Ordon: “Brilliant, humorous and energetic.” In Stitches is available on Amazon.com here: In Stitches

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Dr. Youn on HLN to Discuss Heidi Montag with Jane Velez-Mitchell

Friday, December 31st, 2010

This is a recent appearance I made on HLN’s ISSUES with Jane Velez-Mitchell. I join the distinguished panel in discussing the troubled Heidi Montag. Troubled fame junkie or plastic surgery victim? I’d bet on the former. Also, see if you catch Jane Velez-Mitchell revealing what plastic surgery SHE had!

Thank you to Jane Velez-Mitchell and the staff at her show!


Dr. Youn on ISSUES with Jane Velez-Mitchell Tonight to Discuss Heidi Montag!

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

I’ve been invited to participate in a discussion about Heidi Montag on ISSUES with Jane Velez-Mitchell on HLN tonight at 7pm EST.

Hope you can tune in!


Heidi Montag – Plastic Surgery Scars in Life and Style Weekly

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

This week’s Life and Style magazine contains an interview with Heidi Montag, where she describes her plastic surgery marathon, her regrets, and even showcases the resultant scars from each procedure.  Click the photo to the left to see one of the photos, exhibiting her chin augmentation scar.  Here is the press release from Life and Style:
Heidi Montag was seeking perfection when she famously underwent 10 plastic surgery procedures in November 2009. Now a year later, Heidi reveals her operation-room battle wounds for the first time to Life & Style. “Parts of my body definitely look worse than they did presurgery,” she told Life & Style exclusively at a photo shoot on Dec. 2. “This is not what I signed up for.”

The former Hills star reveals a series of unsightly scars, red inflammation and uneven body parts including: a 2-inch-long raised blemish under her chin from her chin reduction, two caterpillar-size bald spots along her hairline from a brow lift, a horrifying jagged line behind her ears from having her ears pinned back, lumpy legs and four spots left on her lower back and below the buttocks from botched liposuction, a bright-red mark inside her right nostril, uneven boobs, a stretched mark on her chest and deep scars around her nipples from a second boob job.

“The big dark mark from my chin reduction is probably the most noticeable. But the absolute worst is on my breasts, and the scariest is below my butt cheek,” Heidi tells Life & Style. “People have fewer scars from car accidents than I have on my body.”

Heidi says the scars are constant reminders that she made a big mistake. “I would love to not be ‘plastic girl’ or whatever they call me. Surgery ruined my career and my personal life and just brought a lot of negativity into my world. I wish I could jump into a time machine and take it all back. Instead, I’m always going to feel like Edward Scissorhands.”
Some of my thoughts (full disclosure: I have not read the issue but have been interviewed for it):
1. I prefer to place chin implants through the inside of the mouth, preventing the scar under the chin.
2. Endoscopic brow lifts do not create nearly the scars of the open, full scar browlifts.
3. Skinny people should not have lipo since it causes lumpiness (see Tara Reid).  Yes, laser liposuction can cause lumpiness, too.
4. The redness from scars can last 6 months – 2 years.  Her scars may continue to improve over next year or two from natural scar maturation.
5. The fault lies in both Heidi and her late plastic surgeon.  She was obviously not psychologically fit to have plastic surgery, whether she is telling the truth in this interview or not.  Hopefully she will reverse some of her procedures, see a psychiatrist, and welcome obscurity with open arms… but somehow I doubt this will happen.


Celebrity Plastic Surgery on ABC: Did You Watch It?

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

So did any of you watch the ABC Primetime special Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Gone Too Far the other night?  I saw nearly all of it.  Very nicely done special.  A couple thoughts:

1. They presented three celebrities who’ve had plastic surgery: Heidi Montag, Pete Burns, and Janice Dickinson.  These are not, in my opinion, representative of 99% of the plastic surgery that goes on in Hollywood or around the country.  Heidi is a troubled fame junkie, Pete Burns is an obscure English 80′s pop star, and Janice is… well… Janice.  The vast majority of celebrity plastic surgery is performed tastefully on people who benefit from it (see Kelly Rowland, Drew Barrymore, Ashlee Simpson, Patricia Heaton, etc.).

2. They showed two examples of corrective plastic surgery from one of my old friends, Dr. Richard Ellenbogen.  You may recognize him from Dr. 90210′s first season as the doctor who made me an offer I couldn’t refuse… and refused it.  There is a growing epidemic of terrible plastic surgery results, in large part due to the increasing number of phony plastic surgeons.  Just the other day two out of three surgeries I performed were to correct bad results from non-plastic surgeons.   We real plastic surgeons are not doing our part to educate the public on the dangers of choosing a surgeon who is not certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

3. They showed two teenagers who underwent cosmetic surgery, one a rhinoplasty and another a breast augmentation.  I didn’t catch their exact ages, but the segment was a bit alarming.  I do not agree with cosmetic plastic surgery on teens except in cases of birth deformities.  I do not know Dr. Franklin Rose except that he was featured in Youth Knows No Pain, an HBO documentary which I made a cameo in as well.


Heidi Montag Continues to Blab About Her Plastic Surgery

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Heidi Montag continues to say whatever she can to stay in the spotlight.  In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, she revisited her previous “Ten Plastic Surgeries in One Day” publicity grab:

She said: “It’s not who I am. It’s something I did. It was a choice that I made, and I wanted other women and people to know, ‘Yeah, I have insecurities and so does everyone, and this is what I did, and I don’t want to lie about it, and I don’t want to cover it up. I don’t like lying.  It’s just not who I am. In retrospect, I do wish I never would have said anything.

“I wouldn’t do it again … If I could go back, I wouldn’t have had them. It was a lot harder, then I was led on by my doctor. I didn’t know how excessive it really was.”

She added to TV show ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “It was a lot and I’m very thankful for how it turned out. It could have been disastrous.”

Heidi – who renewed her wedding vows with husband Spencer Pratt earlier this week – recently admitted she feels “trapped” in her body because she doesn’t know if she would be able to find a surgeon able to correct the procedures carried out by her late doctor.

She said: “I feel trapped in my own body. There’s just no fixing it. Dr. Ryan knows the work he did, he knows everything.”

Heidi, there are over 5000 surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who can help you.  There are a ton of psychiatrists who can help you even more.  Do us all a favor and please call one of them, just not me.


Want to Heidi Yourself?

Monday, September 20th, 2010


Want to see what you would look like after undergoing Heidi Montag’s ten plastic surgeries? A Miami plastic surgeon has posted a website which allows you to do just that. It’s called Heidi Yourself, and the page looks like a combination of an advertisement for The Hills and for his iPhone plastic surgery app. Check it out here.

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Anthony Youn, M.D.


Heidi Montag Tweets Plastic Surgery Advice

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Our favorite plastic surgery disaster, Heidi Montag, has now taken to tweeting advice for people regarding plastic surgery. Here are three recent tweets, courtesy of USAToday.com, and my analysis (in italics):

“Warning: to anyone who is thinking about getting their ears pinned, I learned after the fact it is the most painful surgery a person can get” – Untrue. I’ve performed this surgery many times and pain is almost never an issue. A tummy tuck or breast augmentation is much more painful than an otoplasty (ear pinback).

“Giving my self a soft tissue breast massage. Ladies we have to keep those implants soft” – True. I have all my breast implant patients massage their breasts as a way to help keep the scar tissue and implants soft. Unfortunately, scientific studies don’t support this helping, but most plastic surgeons recommend their patients do it anyway.

“I had a nightmare that I slept without my nose tape on thank God it wasn’t true!” – Huh? THAT’s a nightmare? Geez, my nightmares are more about driving off a cliff or finding myself in school without any pants on.

Story credit: USA Today

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More Heidi Montag- Steri Strips on Her Nose?

Friday, August 27th, 2010

She just keeps looking for attention. Radaronline.com has posted several photos of Heidi Montag in Costa Rica, with her face looking oddly normal except for steri strips on her nose. According to a Life and Style press release:
“The last time I didn’t wear tape after surgery and my nose changed shape,” she explains. “The tape is supposed to keep the swelling down and hold my nose in place the way Dr. Ryan sculpted it. Dr. Ryan always said I was his best, most cautious patient, and I’m not taking any chances now that he’s gone. I don’t want my face to fall off like Michael Jackson’s.”
That’s not quite true. Some surgeons place steri strips on the nose for months as a way to reduce swelling. I prefer to take them off at one week, because no one wants to walk around with tape on their nose if they can help it. Unless you’re Heidi Montag, I suppose, and are looking for any attention you can get!

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Heidi Montag Wants Her Implants Out!

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

The drama regarding this silly woman continues on and on. In the recent issue of Life and Style Weekly, Heidi Montag claims that she is looking to South American plastic surgeons to remove her 700 cc Size G breast implants.

According to the article:

“I’m desperate to go back to normal,” she confides to Life & Style. “I’m downgrading and going a little smaller, to a D or a double D.”
More than nine months after she went under the knife on Nov. 20, Heidi says she is still in severe pain and her body has not gotten used to the over the top boob job. “I have major anxiety about it. I was taking painkillers but they weren’t working so I stopped. It hurt either way,”
Besides being unable to hug her four dogs or wear anything but custom-made clothing, “I’m obsessed with fitness but it’s impossible to work out with these boobs,” she says. “It’s heartbreaking. I can’t live an everyday life.”

And while Heidi tells Life & Style she is currently shopping for a surgeon in South America, she worries that she’ll be trapped in this cartoonish body forever after the untimely passing of her confidant Dr. Ryan. “I feel trapped in my own body,” Heidi tells Life & Style.
“There’s just no fixing it,” she says. “Dr. Ryan knows the work he did, he knows everything.”

While I am sure Dr. Ryan was a fabulous plastic surgeon, there are thousands of plastic surgeons who can downsize breast implants successfully. Instead of travelling to South America, maybe she should see a plastic surgeon in the States and spend a few bucks on a shrink. Putting in 700cc implants was probably a mistake in the first place. In the past six years I’ve put implants this size into a small number of people, and none of them had the tiny frame of Heidi Montag.


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Anthony Youn, M.D.


Heidi Montag – Wants Bigger Implants? BDD? And Crying Botox Face!

Sunday, May 9th, 2010


Sorry, but another post on annoying Heidi Montag. Star Magazine is reporting that Heidi is now regretting the surgery she had.

In this week’s issue of Star, we reveal Heidi’s regrets about getting DDD breast implants and having her chin shaved down. “And she’s telling friends, ‘I made a mistake!’,” a family friend tells Star. Swollen and wracked with pain, Heidi’s dream body feels more like a prison. “She cries every night,” a source says. “She’s a wreck over what she’s done to herself.”

This is in stark contrast to other reports stating that she was so upset that Ryan Seacrest said her breasts weren’t that big that she now plans to go to Europe to make them bigger! Is it actually against the law for her to have bigger implants?No. It’s not against the law in the U.S. for her to have larger implants, contrary to published reports. The two major breast implant companies make implants up to 800 cc, and her implants are reportedly 700 cc. Therefore, if she wants her breasts to be larger she has three options: (1) Convince one of the implant companies to custom-make one for her, (2) Go to another country where their manufacturer may make an implant larger than 800 cc, or (3) Convince some whacko surgeon to stack her implants. This is when the surgeon places more than one implant into each breast. Instead of doing any of those three, I would recommend that she dump that tool Spencer and consult a psychiatrist.

I believe Heidi has Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). Check out this article on AOL’s Popeater for my comments and the opinions of several psychiatrists. Click here.

Finally, if you’ve ever wondered what someone who’s had her face over-Botoxed looks like when she’s crying, the photo is it!

Thanks for reading.
Michigan-based Plastic Surgeon
Anthony Youn, M.D.




Dr. 90210 on Heidi Montag

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Dr. 90210 (Dr. Robert Rey) has commented on Heidi Montag‘s recent surgery. You can read his thoughts here and here.

For what it’s worth, I agree with him.

Thanks for reading.
Michigan-based Plastic Surgeon
Anthony Youn, M.D.


Kate Hudson Had A Breast Augmentation?

Sunday, April 18th, 2010


There are reports that Kate Hudson has had a conservative breast augmentation. Recent photos show her with larger breasts (likely going from a AA to a nice B). This is in contrast to her previous comments at the 2002 Golden Globes: “I have small breasts, obviously… It’s nice to be able to wear a plunging neckline and have it be elegant.”

It looks like her surgon did a nice job. The surgery was probably performed at least a month ago since she doesn’t appear to have much swelling. This is in stark contrast to Heidi Montag who looks like she could float all the way to Sri Lanka.

I wish she would.

Photo credit: usmagazine.com

For the ultimate plastic surgery tell-all, check out Dr. Youn’s critically acclaimed memoir about plastic surgery, In Stitches! It includes a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon using leeches to salvage a woman’s nipples, massive man-boobs, and even reconstructing a face mauled by a raccoon. Dr. 90210 Robert Rey: “I highly recommend it!” The Doctors Dr. Drew Ordon: “Brilliant, humorous and energetic.” In Stitches is available on Amazon.com here: In Stitches

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Is Heidi Montag Trying To Become a Human Barbie?

Friday, April 16th, 2010

How do Heidi Montag and Barbie’s measurements compare? Is Heidi trying to become a real life Barbie doll? Check out lemondrop.com to find out.

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Anthony Youn, M.D.


Heidi Montag Had Her Back Scooped?

Friday, April 9th, 2010

I’ve been asked by several media outlets what Heidi Montag meant by having her ‘back scooped.’ While the media outlets are swirling around what type of unusual new plastic surgery this might be, I have a pretty disappointing but accurate definition: liposuction of the back of her hips.

This area, also known as the love handle, can be very effectively liposuctioned, creating a ‘scoop’ or concave effect. It’s one of my favorite areas to liposuction since it can create such a nice contour that most women (and men) really like. Plus, the risk of unevenness in this area is pretty low, especially compared to the abdomen, which can get lumpy very quickly (just ask Tara Reid).

Yes, I scoop backs all the time. Sorry, Heidi, you’re not special in this regard.

For a great MSNBC article on “back scooping”, click here.

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Anthony Youn, M.D.


Heidi Montag Can’t Jog?

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

In a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, Heidi Montag has admitted that she can’t jog due to the size of her breasts, since they are now an “E” or “F” size. She also revealed that her surgery was recorded for possible airing on a future reality show.

To Heidi: So, you can’t jog?

Duh! Your implants are huge! Most insurances require 500 grams for a breast reduction to improve back and neck pain. Your implants are 700 cc, almost the biggest size they make. Of course you can’t jog!

Why do we still care about her?

Photo credit: huffingtonpost.com

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Dr. Youn on the Fox News Channel Tomorrow to Discuss Heidi Montag’s Plastic Surgery

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

For those of you who are interested, I will be on America’s Newsroom on the Fox News Channel at 10:30 am EST tomorrow (Thursday) morning to discuss Heidi Montag’s recent plastic surgery. I’ll be joined by noted psychologist Dr. Keith Ablow.

See you then!

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