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Goldie Hawn – Beauty Secrets

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Can you believe Goldie Hawn is 67 years old?  She looks amazing.  Goldie gave an interview on this week’s Prevention magazine about some of her beauty secrets.  From the magazine:

“I do try to do some form of exercise 4 days a week. At home in California, I’ll bike up the mountain. Or I’ll do Pilates or Spin. And I do eat a lot of greens. I eat healthy, but I’m not a vegetarian.”

In addition to living a clean life and meditation, I also suspect that Goldie’s had a good amount of plastic surgery, too.  She does look really good for her age, although at times it looks like she may have gone a little Overboard.


Has Goldie Hawn Gone “Overboard” With Plastic Surgery?

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

I seem to have become the ‘go-to’ plastic surgeon for Radar Online.  Maybe it’s my terrible puns, maybe it’s my ridiculous comparisons (such as lips looking like smoky link sausages), or maybe it’s just that their writer and I are good friends.  Whatever it is, they appear to like my opinions on celebrity plastic surgery.

Goldie Hawn is the next one on our list, and she actually looks pretty good.  But has she gone “Overboard?”  Yes, it’s a reference to the 80′s movie she starred in with Kurt Russell.  Funny flick, although it’s been over 20 years since I’ve seen it!

Check out my thoughts on Goldie at Radar Online.com HERE.


Goldie Hawn – plastic surgery

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

Is Goldie Hawn starting to look her age? She has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors for years, and in my opinion has really looked good for a long time. Sure, she’s had the obligatory large lips and all, but for a 60 year old woman she still looks fantastic. Here is a link to some more candid photos of her without all the makeup and airbrushing which show that she is a regular person, like all of us, and ages somewhat appropriately. In my experience, 60 year old women don’t have straight necklines like hers without a bit of plastic surgery help. At least she hasn’t gone “Overboard!” (sorry)