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Has Elle MacPherson Had Plastic Surgery?

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

As a Gen Xer who grew up in the 80′s, there were a few supermodels who were my favorites.  My second favorite (after Cindy Crawford) was Elle MacPherson.  Has the Australian beauty known as “The Body” had some recent plastic surgery to her face?  Check out the photo to the right and you’ll see that she looks tighter and smoother than before.

I don’t think she’s had any actual surgery, but Botox, fillers, and facial resurfacing (laser or chemical peel) treatments are definitely possible.  My comments can be found at Radar Online HERE.


Elle MacPherson – plastic surgery

Friday, July 7th, 2006


Elle MacPherson doesn’t want plastic surgery. The Australian supermodel nicknamed “The Body” told to Britain’s Grazia magazine: “It hasn’t occurred to me to intervene with the course of nature to date. I have a strong aversion to putting anything artificial inside my body. I don’t even take aspirin.”

At 43 years old she looks great. Nature has been very kind to her. I wouldn’t operate on her if she asked me to.

Story credit: Hollywoodrag.com