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Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Starpulse is reporting that “Diane Lane is Terrified of Plastic Surgery.” According to their article:
Diane Lane is adamant she will grow old without the aid of cosmetic surgery because she is terrified of going under the knife. The star, who is married to Josh Brolin, is fearful of Hollywood’s obsession with surgical enhancement and is not planning on having any work done in the near future.

The 41-year-old says, “It scares the s**t out of me. And I don’t relish the thought of people staring at me, trying to figure out what I’ve had done.”
But Lane has not ruled out plastic surgery completely. She adds, “I reserve the right to change my mind. Absolutely. I’m a female, that comes first.”

During my time in Beverly Hills I used to live down the street from Diane Lane and would often go jogging past her house. Alas, I never got to see the star of “Unfaithful.” I hear that she spends most of her time at Josh Brolin’s house in another state.
Overall she looks to be aging very gracefully to me.
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