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Demi Lovato Punches Woman in Face, She Lands in Facial Plastic Surgeon’s Office

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Teen singer Demi Lovato may have landed herself in some legal hot water after punching one of her backup dancers in the face.  Photos of a bruised Alex Welch can be found on TMZ.com here.  According to Welch’s attorney, her injuries were so severe that she is now seeking consultation by a Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon.  A comprehensive story can be found on the Fox News Pop Tarts blog here

I see a lot of facial injuries in the ER, and although Welch looks like she has a nice shiner, I don’t see (from the photos) evidence of any permanent damage like broken bones.  I doubt a plastic surgeon has any work to do here except hold her hand and let her know that in two weeks she’ll look like nothing happened.  That doesn’t mean she does not have a case against Lovato, who clearly needs to learn that she’s no Laila Ali.  Hopefully rehab is doing her some good!

Maybe I’ll describe my strange Demi Lovato’s uncle story in an upcoming post…

photo credit: prphotos.com