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Dave Navarro – plastic surgery

Monday, October 16th, 2006

Dave Navarro…hasn’t had any plastic surgery that I can tell. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Navarro and call myself a fan. He’s a guitar legend and one of the key members of Jane’s Addiction. He also has a pretty rad (80′s term) goatee. One thing I have learned as a plastic surgeon is that men often wear goatees to cover up a small chin or a double chin. In the same way, women often wear bangs to cover up wrinkles of the forehead. I believe that Dave Navarro is no different. He does appear to have a smallish chin, termed microgenia, which is hidden by his goatee. A chin augmentation would be great for him, as it would give him a much stronger jawline. I would place a large size solid silicone implant through the inside of the mouth. This creates no visible scars, and heals very quickly. Then he could shave off the flavor-saver and get on with rocking out with his new band, Panic Channel.