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Cindy Margolis – Plastic Surgery?

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

The former “Most Downloaded Woman in the World” Cindy Margolis is making news lately with her July 2008 pictorial in Playboy magazine. The divorced mother of three is now 42 years old and looks fabulous. I do believe she’s had a bit of help, though.

When looking at this photo, she appears to be making a rather stern look. Her brow doesn’t furrow, however, and this lack of wrinkles is a likely sign of a good Botox job. Her lips may also be modestly enhanced with a filler, like Restylane. I also think she may have had some enhancement of her cheeks, possibly with Sculptra or fat grafting injections. Her skin is flawless, and has been probably helped out by chemical peels and medical strength skin care products. Finally, she appears to have had a breast augmentation. Overall, I think her work is well-done. She does resemble Shannon Tweed a little bit, so I wonder if they share the same plastic surgeon…

I’ve not seen her Playboy spread since I do not read the magazine. If I did, however, I’d read it for the articles.

Photo credit: prphotos.com

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