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Casting Call! Have Excessive Armpit Odor or Hidradenitis?

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Do you suffer from problems with excessive odor of the armpits or hidradenitis of the armpits?  If you do, and you live within driving distance of my office in Metro Detroit, then please contact me at miplasticsurgeon@yahoo.com if you’d be interested in a novel, non-surgical option.  You must be willing to have your treatment filmed for television and be interviewed for the segment.



Interesting and Simple Way to Preview a Nose Job

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Have you ever considered getting a nose job but didn’t want surgery?  Have you had a botched nose job?  More and more doctors are now injecting filler into the nose to correct defects and even to make it look straighter.  A friend of mine, and prominent Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Kotler, has devised a very simple way to preview how your nose would look if you had filler injected into it.  He calls it the 5 Minute Kotler Saline Demo.  Basically, he injects saline into your nose to change the shape of it for a couple hours.  Then the saline disappears.  It’s a simple but effective way to find out how your nose will look without going through with it.

You can find out more information on his website HERE.

In plastic surgery, sometimes the simple solutions are the ones that work the best!


New and Improved YouTube Page!

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I’ve been hard at work updating my YouTube page. It’s been sadly ignored for the most part these past few years. Well, no longer! It’s now chock full of plastic surgery-related videos and TV appearances, dating all the way back to my debut on “Dr. 90210.” I’ve included nearly all of my clips from “Rachael Ray” and other programs. Check it out when you get a chance. It’s hours and hours of entertainment, with a little bit of education thrown in there, too.

Click HERE to go to my YouTube page.


Does Fitness Sensation Jen Selter Have Butt Implants Or Other Plastic Surgery?

Friday, February 14th, 2014

Who has the most famous butt in the United States? Is it Jennifer Lopez? Beyoncé? Kim Kardashian?
Fitness sensation Jen Selter must be in the running. Recently interviewed on The Doctors, Jen Selter currently has over 2.3 million followers on Instagram and almost as many on Twitter. Her washboard stomach and nearly impossibly shaped behind is becoming the envy of women everywhere.

So does Jen Selter have buttock implants? Plastic or cosmetic surgery? She denies it, and I tend to believe her. Jen Selter’s body (and specifically her booty) have undergone major changes as she has become more and more tone over the past several years. I see no obvious sign of plastic surgery. She’s just a young woman (20!) with a really, really nice figure. If I was her manager, I would be working my butt off to get an exercise video of her out there. I bet even a lot of men would buy it!

To follow Jen Selter on Instagram, click HERE.
To follow Jen Selter on Twitter, click HERE.


Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

For unto us a child is born…

I wish you a warm and very merry Christmas.  Thank you for being a reader of my blog, whether you’re a friend, patient, acquaintance, or a distant reader from a faraway land.  I hope your holidays are filled with happiness.

More plastic surgery news and views to come very soon…


Must watch for anyone who has a dog

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Please watch and share, especially if you are a dog lover. This is a heartwarming video (not about plastic surgery) about a dog that my sister (a veterinarian) treated, fostered, and helped find a new home. For more of the story, click HERE to go to the article in the Huffington Post.


My Favorite New Treatment

Friday, July 26th, 2013

This is the newest device in my practice: the Miradry. It’s a revolutionary new treatment for people who suffer from excessive armpit sweating. Miradry uses microwave energy to destroy sweat glands, ridding people of excessive armpit sweating permanently. I recently performed the treatment for a TV camera. I’ll post the link when it airs!


TV Casting Call!

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

From the producer of a national television show:

Have you been told you are physically ugly? Do you agree? Has the way you look gotten in the way of the life you want to lead? Has your appearance affected your personal life, your relationships, or even your job? Are you scheduled to have plastic surgery to change your appearance? To change your life?

If so, we want to hear from you. We are CASTING NOW for a new documentary TV series that will follow women as they embark on the emotional journey toward changing their appearance.

If this applies to you, please email me at miplasticsurgeon@yahoo.com and I can forward your story to the producers.  I can’t comment on whether this will be pro bono, so feel free to send me your stories whether you plan to pay for the surgery or not.  I’m happy to send them on!


Plastic Surgeon Sues Staten Island Mob Wives Renee Graziano For Defamation

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Interesting story from silive.com:

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — “Mob Wives” reality-TV star Renee Graziano allegedly told the world a “full-body lift” performed by a plastic surgeon nearly dropped her six feet in a grave.

The Oakwood resident wanted to nip and tuck some fat and sagging skin, but instead claimed to have “flat-lined” and “almost died” after her plastic surgeon put her under the knife.

She called the procedure, broadcast on the show, a “plastic surgery nightmare.”

Ms. Graziano, 43, the daughter of reputed Bonanno crime family consigliere Anthony (TG) Graziano of Huguenot, allegedly told media outlets she lost six pints of blood and underwent emergency treatment at Staten Island University Hospital.

The doctor, who denies any medical error, struck back with a $77 million defamation lawsuit against Ms. Graziano, VH1 and the show’s producers. The action was filed in Brooklyn state Supreme Court.


Wow.  As a plastic surgeon who has performed surgery for television programs, I always fear that the patient will develop a complication.  It’s inevitable that some patients have postoperative issues, and the vast majority of the time these issues can be cleared up without jeopardizing the patient/doctor relationship.  The stakes are exponentially increased, however, when television cameras are involved.  Performing a successful surgery on TV can get a lot of traffic into your practice, but a major complication or an unhappy celebrity can be potentially devastating.  Probably the most extreme example of this is Dr. Jan Adams, the plastic surgeon who operated on Kanye West’s mom before she died.

To read the rest of the silive.com article, click HERE.

photo credit: prphotos.com


Do You Want To Be On TV?

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Hi everyone!  I recently received a call from the producer of a national TV show inquiring if I knew anyone who fits this description:

Hey Ladies– are you contemplating getting plastic surgery for your man?  Is there something on your body that bothers you– or him– and you want to get plastic surgery to correct it because you feel he’ll be happier or think you look sexier?  OR– did you ever get plastic surgery on yourself to satisfy or please your man and you’re both happy with the results?  We’d love to hear from you.  Please send a description of what you want done or what you had done… and send your contact info and any before and after photos (if this applies).

If this applies to you, please email me at miplasticsurgeon@yahoo.com.  I’d be happy to forward your information.  You might get a free trip to be on a national television show!


Is Your Sunscreen Poisoning You?

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

There is an interesting article (and accompanying television segment) from plastic surgeon and fellow ASAPS member, Dr. Arthur Perry, on the possible long-term side effects of chemical sunscreens.  From his article on www.doctoroz.com:

There are 17 individual sunscreen ingredients that are FDA approved: 15 of these are clear chemicals that absorb UV light and two are made of minerals that reflect UV light. Of these 15, nine are known endocrine disruptors. To be effective, chemical sunscreens need to be rubbed into their skin 20 minutes before sun exposure. They do a pretty good job at blocking UV light, but they actually get used up as the sun shines on them. In fact, some sunscreens lose as much as 90% of their effectiveness in just an hour, so they need to be reapplied often. This is not the case with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, the two mineral, or physical, sunscreens. These two work very differently – they sit on the surface of the skin and physically block UV light.

Chemical sunscreens don’t sit on the surface of the skin – they soak into it and quickly find their way into the bloodstream. They scatter all over the body without being detoxified by the liver and can be detected in blood, urine, and breast milk for up to two days after a single application. That would be just fine if they were uniformly safe – but they’re not.

As I mentioned, nine of the 15 chemical sunscreens are considered endocrine disruptors. Those are chemicals that interfere with the normal function of hormones. The hormones most commonly disturbed are estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid. Endocrine disruptors, like some ingredients in chemical sunscreens, can cause abnormal development of fetuses and growing children. They cause early puberty and premature breast development in girls, and small and undescended testicles in boys. They cause low sperm counts and infertility. Endocrine disruptors that act like estrogen can contribute to the development of breast and ovarian cancers in women, and other endocrine disruptors may increase the chance of prostate cancer in men.

Pretty scary stuff, isn’t it?  To be completely transparent, Dr. Perry does have his own line of skin care products, which include the sunscreen Zinc Oxide.  However, I’ve met Dr. Perry, read some of his books, and am in a committee with him for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).  He’s a solid guy and a very well-respected, board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City.  To learn about his line of skin care products, go to www.drperrys.com.

To read the rest of his article, click HERE.



The Silk’N Face FX on “The Ricki Lake Show”

Monday, April 15th, 2013

I was recently asked to demonstrate a novel, take-home device for tightening the skin of the face for “the Ricki Lake Show.” This is a one-of-a-kind device, and although not the same as the laser treatments in the office, can be a nice way to rejuvenate your skin at home.


Getting Ready For Bathing Suit Season – Dermosonic For Cellulite

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Here in Michigan, Spring has finally arrived!  This past weekend was beautiful, a nice change from the freezing temperatures otherwise.  A couple years ago I did a series of “Getting Your Body Ready For Bathing Suit Season” with the local Fox News affiliate.  Here is a video on treating cellulite with Dermosonic:


Happy New Year!

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope 2013 brings each of you health, fun, and happiness.  I’ll be spending my night at home cheering in the new year with my wife, kids, and the neighbors.  My wife usually falls asleep before the ball drops, so I wake her up for that.  Then she passes back out about 2 minutes after midnight.

I have lots of good things to come for you in 2013.  Thanks for reading my blog!


Has Brad Pitt Undergone Radiesse Injections?

Friday, December 28th, 2012

The National Enquirer is reporting that Brad Pitt has undergone filler injections as a way to look younger. According to Celebitchy:
The 46-year-old actor has been getting injections of the wrinkle filler Radiesse to make his face look younger and smoother, the Enquirer has learned. And it appears to be having the desired effect. Not only does Brad’s face look brighter and more radiant, Angelina has given her seal of approval.
“Brad hasn’t looked this good in years – and Angelina is definitely pleased about his makeover…”
For months, the actor hid behind a scraggly beard “because he was so self-conscious about how he was aging.”
I haven’t seen photos of him, but a little Radiesse can definitely take off some years. I’d probably recommend a little Sculptra to fill in some of the gaunt areas of his face.
Photo credit: prphotos.com
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Thanks for reading.
Michigan-based Plastic Surgeon
Anthony Youn, M.D.


Book Review: “Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made”

Monday, November 26th, 2012

“Raiders!” is a book that was written by my “In Stitches” co-writer, Alan Eisenstock.  I just finished reading it Sunday, and have posted the following review on Amazon.com:

Confession: I have never seen the Raiders Fan Film this book is written about.

However, I still LOVED this book.

Award-winning writer Alan Eisenstock has crafted a thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable read about two kids who set out to remake “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” scene-by-scene and frame-by-frame. They started out as kids who had a dream and finished seven years later, exhausted young adults struggling with their future lives. “Raiders!” is an amazing coming-of-age story that transends the movie its based on, and tackles much greater subjects like friendship, loyalty, and being true to oneself.

Even though I’ve never seen their film (I’ve seen the original movie several times), at times while reading this book I felt as if I was re-living my own adolescence, when the simple act of seeing an adventure movie on a hot summer afternoon was sheer magic. So what happens when that magic fades, and the larger subjects of making a living, maintaining relationships, and following your dreams take over?

The book is very detailed in its descriptions of how these two children re-created many of the famous scenes in “Raiders,” including the scene with the big boulder. However, the book builds to its climax, a whirlwind of events involving commitment, drugs, police, a hurricane, moving on, Steven Spielberg, Ain’t It Cool, and the Butt-Numb-A-Thon.

It will be a crime if this book isn’t made into its own movie. Kudos to Alan Eisenstock for writing a fantastic book.
To learn more about the book, visit the official book website at www.raidersbook.com.

To buy the book, head over to Amazon.com by clicking below:


Proud of Your Plastic Surgery? Do You Want To Be On TV?

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

I’ve recently come across a TV show that is looking for people who are interested in sharing their plastic surgery story.  Here is what they are looking for:

Have you or someone you know gone to the extreme when it comes to plastic surgery? Have you had more than a dozen surgeries, and you’re not done yet? Are you on a quest for perfection that you haven’t yet achieved when it comes to your look?

Basically, are you addicted to plastic surgery?  If so, and you’d like to be considered for this program, please contact me at miplasticsurgeon@yahoo.com.  I’d be happy to forward your information on.  Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!


Giant Congenital Hairy Nevus On The Face

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Sorry for the lack of updates lately!  These past two weeks have been a whirlwind for me.  Two weeks ago on Wednesday I was in New York City filming a segment of one of my favorite syndicated talk shows, then was stranded the next night in the Big Apple due to the Noreaster!  I finally returned that Thursday afternoon and rushed straight to the OR.  The next day, Friday, I was on a plane going to Philadelphia for the weekend.

Had a great Philly Cheesesteak at Jim’s Steaks and saw some sights with my beautiful wife, then headed back to Michigan Sunday (one week ago).  This past week has been crazy busy with office hours and surgeries lined up.  By the end of the week I was pooped! I’m definitely looking forward to this upcoming holiday, as I need to take some time to relax and do some writing.

So enough about me.  Here’s an interesting story from the Washington Post:

A nevus is a birthmark, a mole.

“The treatment for a mole is relatively straightforward: Just do a simple
procedure to cut it out and close it up,” said Dr. Albert Oh,
director of fellowship for craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgery at
Children’s National Medical Center. “But in her case, because it involved a good
one-third to half of her face, you couldn’t just cut it out. It was too big.”

Agusta was born with a dinner-plate-size mole that swept across her scalp and
the right side of her face. Others stippled her body. Besides being unsightly,
these large moles have an elevated risk of turning into melanoma. They also can
enter the brain and spine, causing seizures.

Doctors in Iceland knew it would take a series of operations to remove the
facial birthmark. They told Agusta’s parents the last procedure would be when
she was 15. Meanwhile, her parents had gotten in touch with Dr. Oh, who at the
time was at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, R.I. He said he could
finish by the time Agusta started school at age 6.

“When I had to choose between the age of 15 and the age of 6, I would always
choose the age of 6,” said Agusta’s mom, Sigrún Thorsteinsdóttir.

The first few operations were done in Rhode Island, the final ones at
Children’s Hospital, to which Dr. Oh moved in 2009. He used a technique called
tissue expansion to enable Agusta to grow herself extra, blemish-free skin.

To read about what happened to Agusta and see an ‘after’ photo, click HERE.

I have treated a few congenital hairy nevi in the past.  Typically they’re on the body, but can become quite unsightly when on the face.  In worst cases, the hairy nevus can cover the majority of a person’s face, causing them to resemble a “Wolfman.”  This, combined with the potential for malignancy, make it necessary for plastic surgeons to remove them.  I have used tissue expanders in the past for these, although mostly in my residency.

Agusta’s plastic surgeon did an awesome job.  It’s stories like hers that make me proud to be a plastic surgeon.


Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

The co-author of my book “In Stitches,” Alan Eisenstock, is about to release his next book. It’s completely different than anything I’ve heard about before. If you get a chance, please take a peek at the book trailer here. Booklist gave it a starred review, calling it an “amazing, one-of-a-kind book about a triumphant, one-of-a-kind film production.”

You can pre-order the book at Amazon.com HERE.


No Plastic Surgery for Selma Blair

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

I like Selma Blair. She grew up in the Metro Detroit area (which I now call home) and went to Kalamazoo College for a short time while I was there. She was nice to me, and had a very dry sense of humor. Here is what she told In Style magazine (from In Your Face Blog):

“I wanted to get Botox once to make me feel younger. But I don’t really have [enough wrinkles] to justify it yet. As for going under the knife, I can’t say I wouldn’t, but I haven’t thought too much about it,” she said.

Blair said she isn’t interested in breast implants. “I wore huge prosthetic boobs for a John Waters movie. They were glued on every day by a really handsome guy, but ripping them off every night was definitely outside my realm of comfort. After those bosoms, I didn’t mind being flat-chested anymore!” she said.

Hmm, she must have left out the part explaining how she went to college with a good-looking, cool, future big-time doctor!

Or how she also went to college with me.

Photo credit: prphotos.com

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Michigan-based Plastic Surgeon

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