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Carrie Fisher Has Lost 50 Pounds… And Had Plastic Surgery?

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

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Carrie Fisher recently appeared on the Today Show after losing 50 lbs on Jenny Craig. Her body has really slimmed down, but her face? Not so much. If you watch this video you will see that her cheeks are still full and, along with her upper lip, look like they barely move.

I suspect that she’s probably had some fat grafting , causing her cheeks and lips to remain full while the rest of her body has slimmed down. If she’s still a bit swollen (can occur for months, depending on the technique used), then that could explain some of the lack of movement in her face. Botox injections can explain the rest.

Has she had a facelift? Not recently, unless it was a pretty crappy one. Her neck has some droopiness that typically is treated during a facelift. If she didn’t do her homework and had one of those phony baloney lunchtime facelifts then her neck might look this way, but I’ll give her the benefit of a doubt!

Although she is far from the Princess Leia that Jabba the Hut (literally) drooled over, she looks much better than when I saw her at Comicon a few years ago.