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Monday, June 19th, 2006


Carmen Electra - Does she regret her breast implants? According to contactmusic.com she stated that she went too big with her implants and would like them smaller, closer in size to Jessica Alba’s breasts.

I did get a chance to see Carmen while I was in Los Angeles, and she does have quite a large chest. They are likely D or DD cup in size, and are a bit big for my taste. Overall though, she is a bombshell. I also had the pleasure of meeting a relative of hers, who told me that she was a very down-to-earth, genuine person. I’ve heard the same about her husband, Dave Navarro.

During my breast augmentation consultations I try to allow patients to decide the exact size of implant they are going to get. We use implant sizers which can be placed in a bra to “guess-timate” the best size for the patient. It is pretty rare to have a patient want to get as large as Carmen, but it does happen. It’s important for these women to realize that “the larger the implant, the faster they droop.”

Photo from hollywoodtuna.com

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