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Bridalplasty Is Over!

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

So the season finale of E! Entertainment’s Bridalplasty drew over 1 million viewers. Not too shabby! I must admit that I saw the first episode and then never returned. It wasn’t my thing. One of the only shows I regularly watch nowadays is Modern Family. I miss Dr. Robert Rey and Dr. 90210! They should bring that one back!
Here is a video of an interview I did for Fox and Friends discussing Bridalplasty.


Fox and Friends This Morning, Bridalplasty Tonight!

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Some of you may have caught my appearance on Fox and Friends this morning on the Fox News Channel.  I joined host Alisyn Camerota and Harvard psychologist Sharon Chirban in discussing the E! show Bridalplasty which premieres tonight.  I brought up some points such as the danger of putting plastic surgery into a game show format and how so many procedures on twenty year olds is not the norm in plastic surgery.  Also, since there is only one plastic surgeon for the program who will be providing ALL the surgeries, will the contestants gradually resemble each other by the end of the series, like in that hideous show The Swan??  We’ll find out!  One thing is for certain: E! has done a masterful job in promoting this program!


Bridalplasty – New Show on E! Trailer is Released

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

 The new plastic surgery-related TV Show on E! is called Bridalplasty.  Check out the trailer above.  The network says in the promo that Bridalplasty is “the only reality show where the winner gets cut.”  Each week the brides to be take part in challenges and contests where the winner receives plastic surgery.  Definitely a controversial concept.  What do you, my readers, think?