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Tennis Great Boris Becker Has Had A Facelift

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Former Wimbledon champ and tennis great Boris Becker has had a facelift.  According to In Your Face, the German big server told the British show Daybreak:

“It’s a dark arena here so you don’t see my wrinkles. I also had a facelift recently and I colored my hair …

“I turned 43 this week and winning Wimbledon was 25 years ago – I do feel very much like I’m 43 now!”

The photo to the left shows that he looks naturally youthful.  His plastic surgeon appears to have done a nice job.

As a skinny, tennis-playing nerd in high school I followed professional tennis religiously.  Although he wasn’t my favorite, I always liked Boris Becker.  Andre Agassi was my big fave, followed by Johnny McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, and Brad Gilbert.  Stefan Edberg was an artist with the racket but boring as hell, and Michael Chang was just plain annoying.  And yes, I did rock the acid washed jean short shorts!

p.s. If you haven’t read Andre Agassi’s autobiography Open, you are missing out!

photo credit: In Your Face