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President Obama’s Lip Injury

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

You may have heard about President Obama’s recent mishap on a basketball court.  Yesterday he was struck in the face by a hacker, suffering a laceration that required 12 stitches.  Check out my comments on CNN.com here.  The photo to the right was taken today, showing his lower lip a bit swollen but overall not looking too bad.

These types of injuries are very common, and constitute many of the calls I get to the ER.  The damage is often due to the teeth puncturing the inside of the lower lip.  The President is lucky that the laceration didn’t go completely through his lip, like many that I see.  He should rinse with dilute mouthwash several times a day, avoid contact sports for a couple weeks, and stay on a liquid diet.  He doesn’t want to stick a Dorito chip through that laceration!

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I Saved Barack Obama’s Presidential Candidacy

Thursday, November 6th, 2008


Now that the election is over, I think it is important to reveal that I singlehandedly saved the new President-elect Barack Obama’s candidacy. Click the photo of the article from the National Enquirer to see how I did this. Before you dismiss this as fluff, remember that the National Enquirer is the magazine that exposed John Edwards’ affair, devastating his political career.

Had I not revealed the Obama Sex Tape as a hoax, using my extensive knowledge of human facial anatomy, we might have a President-elect McCain today. A type of scandal like the one I averted for him would likely have been more devastating than Watergate and Monicagate combined!

So for all you Obama supporters out there, you’re welcome.


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