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Andrew Lloyd Webber – Plastic Surgery?

Saturday, April 19th, 2008


In honor of Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s upcoming appearance on American Idol, I thought I’d address the question: Why does he look so odd?

Take a look at the older photo and compare it to the more recent photo. Three things come to mind:

  1. He appears to have had an upper blepharoplasty, where the excess skin of his upper eyelids was removed. They look much more open now. This may have been combined with a browlift as well.
  2. He has a weak chin, combined with a heavy neck.
  3. A person can look unusual if one part of his or her face is rejuvenated and younger-looking, while the rest of the face continues to look older. In my opinion, this is the main reason why he looks somewhat strange.

How would I improve how he looks? I would recommend a lower facelift and possible chin augmentation in order to match the rest of his face with his rejuvenated eyelids. If the facelift is performed tastefully, I believe he would actually look more natural and less strange after the surgery than he does today.

As an aside, I think he is an extremely talented composer and have enjoyed many of his works. I brought my mom to see Cats, and have even seen Starlight Express by myself in London (while being the only person in the entire front row – talk about embarassing). Don’t ask why…

Photo credit: starpulse.com, prphotos.com

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