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Jessica Lange – awful plastic surgery?

Jessica Lange…What has happened to her eyes? This is a photo of Jessica Lange last night at the 17th Annual Human Rights Watch International Film Festival. It appears to me that she has had a pretty aggressive browlift, causing her eyebrows to be so high that she looks surprised and unnatural. She likely has Botox in her forehead as well.

There are two types of browlifts, the traditional open browlift with a long scar and the endoscopic browlift. The endoscopic browlift is much less invasive, but arguably doesn’t have as much staying power since the scalp is not literally cut out like in a traditional open browlift. In my opinion, most of the people who have their brows excessively elevated have had a traditional open browlift because it is much easier to pull things too high with this type of lift. The giveaway is the scar, which extends from ear to ear or along the front hairline. I haven’t performed one of these in two years, as the endoscopic technique is really the most state-of-the-art technique nowadays. The old-style browlifts are best reserved in general for people who have tried the endoscopic technique without good results, as it is one of the most permanent plastic surgeries there is.

On the bright side with Jessica Lange, her neckline looks great and is likely the result of a well-done facelift.

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Friday, June 9th, 2006 at 10:14 pm | Bad Celeb Plastic Surgery, Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery, Jessica Lange

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  1. Judit
    Web site: blogger.com/profile/06897247772850232993

    June 12th, 2006 at 12:14 pm

    Oh no. She’s getting those creepy cat eyes from all the lifts. It really is too bad. She used to have such a unique and interesting natural beauty, much like Susan Sarandon.

  2. Nan
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    December 20th, 2011 at 5:28 am

    I have to wonder if the women having these procedures are actually happy with the results.

    The most important question to ask any plastic surgeon is: if you do a face and/or brow lift, eye or nose job, etc., will I still look like ME? With the exception of a rhinoplasty – which is obviously intended to change the look/shape of your nose, I’d want to know if any of the other facial procedures will change the look of my actual features; i.e., will my eyes slant outwards or upwards, will my eyebrows be positioned unnaturally high, will the shape of my mouth/lips change, etc.?

    I just can’t fathom that most of these women (famous or not) are so desperate to get rid of wrinkles or sagging/puffy areas that they’re literally willing to look like someone else to achieve it. Do these women realize that they’ve essentially erased their facial ‘identity?’

    Finally: are the surgeons responsible for these over-stretched, mask-like results just incompetent, or is this the expected, realistic outcome of even the most accomplished plastic surgeon? One assumes that most of these ‘celebrities’ can afford the best, but most of them look horrific. Could these women actually believe that they
    look better post-op?? Frankly, I’m not entirely sure they even look any younger.

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